We focus on custom visible laser light sources and provide any wavelength at 400-700nm. The main product categories are

  1. Discrete laser modules and multi-wavelength boxes for life sciences
  2. Discrete and integrated RGB laser modules for AR/VR and automotive applications
  3. Laser projection and beam steering systems for AR/VR, automotive and life science applications



    Our lasers are probably the most compact solutions in the world helping our customers to miniaturize their own products. Optical, electrical and mechanical properties are virtually wavelength independent giving rise to simplified and cost-effective multi-wavelength systems. Our lasers provide the best image quality in projection display applications and they are suitable for high-volume mass-production.

    We typically engage with customers early in the design cycle so that we can provide an optimal laser solution based on application-specific requirements. Thanks to our innovative laser technology we can broadly tailor the key properties of our lasers. Contact us to start exploring how our technology platform revolutionizes your next generation products!

    Key advantages in target applications

    • Our lasers enable the best image quality in terms of brightness, color gamut, contrast, color balance, achievable resolution and dynamic range
      • We can make any visible wavelength 400-700nm ± 0.1nm which allows any color gamut (like 100% coverage of UHDTV). Ultra-high brightness projection having >480 Lumens/Watt can also be realized
      • Since our lasers do not have visible spontaneous emission the infinite contrast ratio is now standard
      • Color balance change over time and temperature is negligible (20x lower than in conventional laser diodes) thanks to our frequency-locking technique
      • Our lasers have inherently reduced speckle contrast (if so preferred) making images sharp and clear. This is done by widening the spectrum and/or having a laser array solution
      • Laser beam quality is superb – nearly Gaussian – giving rise to the high resolution projection
      • Our lasers are super-fast! They can be modulated using analog, digital or mixed signal modulation at rates beyond 200MHz at all wavelengths without external modulator
      • The output power can be easily controlled at the lowest levels enabling ultra-wide dynamic range
      • There is no need to worry about the high temperature performance any more. All our lasers including red laser can operate beyond >100°C
    • Our lasers are always eye-safe
      • Output power never exceeds the safety limit under any condition (excellent solution for retina scanning displays)
    • Our lasers are the most compact in the world when red, green and blue (RGB) laser beams are combined
    • Our lasers enable cost-effective mass-production
      • Laser modules are easy and fast to assemble to projector engine due to high level of integration
      • Batch-to-batch wavelength tolerance ±0.1nm is 50x better than in laser diodes
    • Our lasers simplify total smart glass system which reduces system cost and size
      • All our lasers have virtually the same optical, electrical and mechanical interfaces which is not the case in competing lasers

Electronics design

    Typical custom laser products

    AR/VR and Automotive applications

    • Ultra-compact eye-safe RGB laser modules with integrated beam combiner
      • For retina scanning type AR/VR solutions
      • Red 605-650nm, Green 515-560nm, Blue 425-475nm
    • Ultra-compact RGB laser modules with integrated beam combiner
      • For waveguide-type AR/VR solutions and laser projection in general
    • Discrete high-power R, G and B laser modules
      • For automotive applications and laser projection in general

    Life Science applications

    • Discrete PM fiber-coupled laser modules with driver
      • 532, 561 and 594nm (+ several other wavelengths under development)
      • 50 – 100mW optical output power ex-fiber
    • Discrete free-space laser modules with driver
    • Multi-wavelength boxes with driver

    Laser projection and beam steering systems

    We are experts in creating truly innovative projection and beam steering products which help our customers introduce new market-beating products. Case by case we select the state-of-the-art imaging technologies (like MEMS, LCOS, DLP, waveguide or hologram) and combine them with our lasers. We complete these application-specific solutions with custom driving electronics, optics and housing.

    We have recently patented a polymer-based MEMS mirror technology. It enables fabrication of ultra-compact, low power, high performance beam steering, projection and LiDAR devices.