Design and optimization of compound semiconductor edge-emitting lasers

  • Epilayer structure design and optimization for 630-1550nm wavelength range
  • Ridge waveguide structure design for stable single transverse mode operation

  • Laterally-coupled ridge-waveguide surface gratings as well as buried heterostructures for distributed feedback (DFB) lasers
    • Single longitudinal mode operation
    • Coupling coefficient dependencies on structural parameters

  • Etched-through ridge-waveguide surface gratings for distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) lasers

  • Design of edge-emitting lasers with narrow linewidth emission

  • Design and optimization of master-oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA) lasers with surface gratings

  • Design and optimization of dual-wavelength emitting lasers
    • Difference frequency range controlled by device structure
    • Difference frequency tuning/modulation by bias

  • Design and optimization of high-speed (≥25 Gb/s) directly-modulated lasers (patent-pending structures)

Design and optimization of complex multi-wavelength AR/HR coatings

Consultion and analysis for AR/VR technologies