Laser technology

  • All laser light source products are based on our proprietary frequency-converted laser technology platform.
  • Our lasers are fabricated at wafer-level in batches giving rise to cost-efficient mass production. We work with our world-class manufacturing partners to provide high quality and high volume to our customers.

Laser projection technologies

  • We help our customers create the next generation, market-beating projection and imaging products for consumers and professionals. Depending on the target product and application requirements we optimize and integrate our laser light technology with various display technologies like 1D/2D MEMS scanners, LCOS, DLP, waveguide displays or hologram. We complete the solutions with custom driving electronics, optics and housing.
  • Our proprietary retina scanning display technology - based on our innovative lasers, MEMS scanners and holographic optics - is an excellent candidate for lightweight and consumer-friendly AR smart glasses.
  • Our patented polymer-based MEMS mirror technology combined with our laser technology enables fabrication of ultra-compact, low power, high performance beam steering, projection and LiDAR devices.

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